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Pets and Hearts Animal Clinic understands how important your pet is to you.  We know that your pet is a special and unique member of your family.  That's why preventative care is so important.  Our pets can't tell us how they fell, so regular, thorough wellness exams are recommended at least once a year, but we encourage more frequent exams for optimal care of your pet.  A thorough wellness exam allows you and Dr. Romano to see a clear picture of your pet's overall health, as well as the ability to identify potential medical problems before they become serious health issues.  Pets and Hearts Animal Clinic highly recommends wellness exams, proper dental care at the office and at home, vaccinations, behavior and nutritional counselling, and regular screenings for diseases that commonly afflict pets in their senior years.

Please take a look at the services we offer and why we believe they are important for the care of your pet, then feel free to give us a call at 305-824-0509 to make an appointment.

Wellness Exams

Regular physical examinations are just as important for your pet as they are for you.  These exams also give you the opportunity to ask Dr. Romano important questions about pet's health and habits. During your pet's thorough wellness exam, Dr. Romano will:

  • Listen to your pet's heart
  • Listen to your pet's lungs
  • Check your pet's teeth
  • Evaluate your pet's vision
  • Look into your pet's ears
  • Palpate their lymph nodes, abdomen, and skin
  • Palpate their joints and muscles
  • Do labwork to evaluate their blood


Vaccinations are safe, effective, and a very important part of your pet's preventative healthcare.  Veterinary immunology has made it so that diseases that were once fatal, are now easily preventable.  Pets and Hearts Animal Clinic follows the American Veterinary Mecdical Association guidelines while taking into account the particular health needs of your pet.

Professional Grooming

Does your dog need a trim?  Is he or she starting to look a little shaggy?  Pets and Hearts Animal Clinic provides the highest quality professional grooming services available.  Your pet will thank you when they come home smelling as good as they look. 

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